Casa Giolì su Guida Michelin

GIOLI home has an open kitchen where you can watch the chef and his team at work. The staff and is entirely Taormina. The kitchen of Casa GIOLI is made of kindness that depart from the basic ingredients. The pasta and bread for example are products created directly by following a macrobiotic meal and craft process using the exclusive use of Sicilian wheat. The fragrant and tasty artisan bread in various flavors and scents: Black cuttlefish; to nerello mascalese; walnuts; fennel; with cherry tomatoes; with saffron. The various menu based on fresh fish selected or meat, are offered with dishes that appeal to a traditional island revisited and updated in a modern, such as: tartare tuna, grouper and amberjack; spatula warbler with caramel sweet and sour; tagliatelle pasta with black squid ink tartare and ricotta salata. The pork tenderloin with chocolate frosting nebrodi of Modica. The desserts are also prepared the old fashioned way as the pie GIOLI to cioccoalto black with moderate caramel agricultural rum. For cheese, we use the best DOP Sicilian paired with sauces prepared ad hoc. The wine selection is extensive and very attentive to the news. Prefer native Sicilian wines mainly for Etna and the alien choose the most award-winning national and international wines.