Casa Giolì su Guida Michelin

Anthony and Joseph are the founders of the House GIOLI Art Restaurant. Their idea is to give young international artists an exhibition space where they can express their artistic talents. Located at the Duomo in the historical center of Taormina, the location is very suitable to exhibit their paintings, photography and sculptures. The ancient stone walls form the backdrop to this very room where the original catch our eye the beautiful antique chairs from a junk shop and Etna lava stone fireplace. A versatile venue that turns and changing with every new and amazing exposure. Ideal for romantic dinners and elegant, also advisable for class events. Final treat, adjacent to the restaurant and recently discovered, you can enjoy a wonderful Greek-Roman mosaic. If you want to unleash your creativity and you're looking for the right location where you can expose your works, GIOLI House is the place for you.